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12 Stress-free
Wedding Planning Tips!

Planning a wedding? Well here are a few tips to make your wedding planning experience a little more stress-free!

1. Choose a date that is less congested for you.
Planning a wedding during a time of the year where you have a lot on your plate will only bring about more stress. Look at the calendar and pick a date that makes sense for you!

2. Get help!
Hiring a professional wedding coordinator is a great way to take a huge load off of your plate. However, if your budget doesn't allow for a professional, ask a friend to assist you with your the planning. Just keep in mind your friend is only there to help you, not take over!

3. Choose your braidmaids wisely!
Being a braidmaid or maid of honor is more than just about the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, and pinning a dress for the ceremony. Your braidmaids are there to help & support you. So use them for this purpose, but choose only those you can count on. You shouldn't have to worry about what they are or aren't doing!

4. Make a list of what is important to you!
Is it the dress, place, or having everyone you know there? Whatever in the end is most important to you, should be what you spend the most time planning and budgeting for; this will help you make the most of your budget!

Bonus Tip: When budgeting remember everyone will spend the most time at your reception, than at the actual ceremony. So, you want to budget a bit more for the reception, allowing you to get the most out of your money!

5. Keep a Planner!
It's easy to forget things if you don't have them written down. Purchase a planner a take it where ever you go. Make this one of your first "wedding-to-do- things." Create a checklist of all the things you want, need, ideas, thoughts, etc. Then check them off as you go.

Bonus Tip: Dont have the money to purchase a wedding planner? Make one. A notebook with folders for all your important papers, receipts & contracts, can work just a well!

6. Payment Options!
When dealing with a caterer, be sure to ask about payment options, which will allow you to make comfortable payments up until the wedding date. It is important that you try not to add more financial responsibilities than you can handle.

Bonus Tip: If there is enough planning time, some caterers may even allow you to pay your deposit in partial payments. Remember it never hurts to ask!

7. Choose a caterer that can help with some of the planning!
No one knows weddings like a caterer. The best caterers feel that the more details they know about the wedding, the easier it will make it for them. Most caterers have their own in house planners, so if at all possible use theirs! Find out how much, additionally, it would be to use their planner to help plan the ceremony, or at least the reception. It can save you a lot of money & time!

Bonus Tip: Want to save more money? If planning the wedding yourself, ask to see a list of recommended vendors and professionals from your caterer. Don't forget to inform the caterer of your entire budget, they have great connections to Bands, DJs, Photographer, Florist, and more. Caterers are experts on finding ways to maximize your budget to fit your needs. And, of course, the only thing that beats good advice, is FREE good advice!

8. Never make assumptions!
As any lawyer would say "GET IT ALL IN WRITING!" Be sure to have a clear understanding of all contracts. Also, get in writing any additional agreements or promises. Never assume that you will receive anything or anyone will do anything other than what the contract states. Everything has a cost, so make sure you are getting exactly what you are asking for, even if you have to pay additional for it!

9. Try it on!
When first looking for a dress, it is a good idea to try all types of dresses on. You will never know how perfect that ball gown style wedding dress will compliment you until you try it on. Start wide then narrow down your search. The perfect dress may not look how you think. Afterall, it's the woman that makes the dress!

10. Keep it simple!
As tempting as it is to go overboard with every, tiny detail (because these are often the things overlooked), it's the simplest details of the wedding that are noticed. Therefore, put your money where it counts!

11. Take one day at a time!
It is essential to enjoy each moment as it comes and stay focused on what's important. The engagement will be over soon, and the "wedding" will pass even sooner. Enjoy this particular moment, NOW!

12. Remember: IT IS YOUR DAY!
It may sound a little selfish, but in the end the only thing that should matter is the Bride & Groom. By nature something is almost guanteed not to go as planned, but as long as he's there waiting at the end of the isle, your wedding day will be perfect!

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Top Tips...

Still Carrying Old Baggage?
Steps to unload & let go!

They say that breaking up is hard to do, and that getting over a bad relationship is even harder! But you don't have to let your past hold you back from a great future, so here are a few steps to follow in helping you unload and let go of old baggage...

Step One. Face Your Past!
No matter how hard you may try to avoid it, the only way to truly get over any hurt and pain it to face it. So get the box of Kleenex out and get ready to start the past that is.

Step Two. Forgive!
Although revenge and the thought that you will never see or hear from them again may sound sweet to your ears, carrying around a suitcase full of unforgiveness only hurts yourself. One way to help you identify areas of unforgiveness is to write a letter stating whatever you want to that person. And be sure not to hold back anything, then read it and burn it. As you watch the paper quickly turn into ash, allow every pain and negative emotion to burn too!

Step Three. Learn to let go of fear!
Get another piece of paper out, but this time make a list of all the things you wish you would have done different in your past relationship. Include all the warning signs that you wish you had saw. In order to feel comfortable & safe in a new relationship, it is important to be aware of any issues that may cause you to feel uncomfortable. Once you are made aware of these concerns, then you can began to take control!

Step Four. Communicate!
It may sound corny to have the "my heart has been broken before..." talk, but the truth is it works! Remember the best way to develop a good relationship is to build solid communication, especially regarding areas in your life that are sensitive. Just know a great guy will always try his best not to step on any open wombs.

Step Five. Try to see the good in the bad!
No matter how bad your relationship may have been there's probably at least one positive thing you can take from that experience. So take a minute to reflect on the things you have learned about yourself and the relationship and count it as wisdom.

Step Six. Relax & Pace Yourself!
Although there is nothing quite like the excitement of experiencing new love, you should never dive in again too fast. Be sure to take your time and truely get to know yourself and the other person before jumping back into a serious relationship. And if you are already in another relationship, communicate that you need to take a few weeks to spend with yourself and do a little soul searching. It is important to take a step back from the relationship to evaluate where you feel comfortable going.

At the end of the day when it's all said and done, carrying around baggage is unhealthy and slows you down. So if you have been carrying any bags, begin your process of unloading and letting go!

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