Sunday, March 15, 2009

Top Designer...GEORGE!

Diaper Bags under $20.00
Designs by GEORGE

I must admit that there is no better thrill than finding a great buy. And although my taste buds can dive into the deep end at times, there is nothing like spending less than $20.00 on a cute bag especially one that you will really need. So here is to one designer who understands a moms need for great style on a thrifty budget. Here's to GEORGE!

Mama's got a new bag! And there are all available at

_______$19.84 _____________ $11.54 ______________$6.00

________$14.88 ____________$11.54 _____________$17.82

________$10.95 _______________$14.88

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SaraLynn said...

Cool! Thanks for the info.

Christina Lee said...

those are great bags!!

Pamela said...

great bags at great prices!!! thanks for sharing this great site

Kate@Blog Buttons said...

I am enjoying all these blogs. Yours is one of the best especially your graphics.

Eliza@Household Tips Blog said...

Happy blog party! I enjoy very much these blogs especially yours!

Monik@Pregnancy Blog said...

your blog is very helpful. I am really having fun looking at all these blogs